exhibitors 2024

AIFA's artistic program is exclusively composed of Japanese contemporary artists using different mediums.

Ceramic art forms the main part of their program as a natural bias towards one of the most represented forms of contemporary art in Japan. 

They mainly collaborate with early stage ceramists artists but also have some more experienced ones represented with the aim of fostering exchanges between artists they represent and encouraging sharing of respective artistic approaches.

Individual and collective thematic exhibitions are organised both at their Verbier gallery and in other places likely to host the exhibition of artworks.


For this first edition of ceramic brussels, the gallery will present works by Chisato Yasui and Kenji Gomi

Alice van den Abeele & Raphaël Cruyt opened Alice gallery in 2005.

Their vision is Glocal. The exhibitions echoe an emerging globalized culture that is transversal, participatory, empathetic and hyper-connected.


For this first edition of ceramic brussels, the gallery will present a solo show by Eric Colonel et Thomas Spit.

Almine Rech is known for its representation of minimal, perceptual, and conceptual artists such as James Turrell, John McCracken, and Joseph Kosuth, occupying spaces in Paris, Brussels, London, New York, Shanghai and recent Gstaad and Monaco locations.

It remains Almine Rech’s mission to continually seek out and include new artists in its program, with a focus on excellence and originality in the painting tradition. 

Art is about freedom of expression. Almine Rech loves to make contact and develop relationships with artists who use this freedom to contribute to contemporary society. Art is thus embodied throughout history.


For this first edition of ceramic brussels, the gallery will present works by Jean-Baptiste Bernadet, Johan Creten, Brian Calvin and Thu Van Tran

aquilaluna is a contemporary art gallery founded in November 2016 and run by Cécile de Froidmont, an honorary lawyer and collector.

The gallery promotes contemporary artists, for the most part living, who devote themselves entirely to their art.

The choice of artists is guided as much by emotion as by the seriousness of their work and the coherence of their discourse and artistic approach.

The gallery's approach is abstract and organic, but always resolutely contemporary.

The first exhibitions were organised extra muros, in venues chosen specifically for the artist to be presented (abbey, former manor house, cellars, etc.). Most were solo exhibitions, which allowed visitors to immerse themselves in the world of each artist.

Since the end of 2019, the gallery has moved to the former village of Dalhem (BE), between Liège (BE) and Maastricht (NL). It organises regular solo and duo exhibitions there.


For this first edition of ceramic brussels, the gallery will present a solo show by Kathy Le Vavasseur

Arsenicgalerie is a contemporary art gallery dedicated to exploring the most primitive and intimate expressions of artists from different worlds and horizons, all of whom, in the fertile terrain of their unbridled imaginations, express their sensitivity to the protean realities of the contemporary world with energy, humour, violence, impropriety and jubilation.


For this first edition of ceramic brussels, the gallery will present a solo show by Michel Gouéry

Atelier Ecru is a gallery dedicated to show contemporary, brutalist and modern art, design, and furniture from Belgian and International artists and designers. 

Its exhibitions program offers a diverse selection of atypical works, curated and collected to provide a unique and thought-provoking experience for its visitors. 

There you will find a variety of mediums, from sculpture to furniture, paintings to installations, that push the boundaries of traditional design and art. 

The gallery shows emerging and established artists and designers, providing a platform for them to present their unique and thought-provoking works.

Whether you are a collector, architect or simply an admirer of contemporary art and design, you are invited to come and explore the thought-provoking and inspiring works on display.


For this first edition of ceramic brussels, the gallery will present a solo show by Jojo Corväiá

Located since 2010 in the Haut Marais district of Paris, the gallery offers an international and resolutely eclectic programme. Its 250 m2 space reflects an essential commitment to artists to provide a space for dynamic exhibitions, whether solo or collective.

Backslash also regularly participates in art fairs, organizes outdoor exhibits, and publishes catalogs dedicated to the artists it represents through Backslash Editions. The gallery remains committed to the fight for the climate. The transportation necessary for participation in fairs is organized with partner galleries, and the packaging of works is always thought out regarding its potential reuse. The lighting of the space is drastically limited outside of opening hours, while the team favors green transportation.

A backslash is a typographic symbol widely used in the computer system. For us, it represents the beginning of a story and its continuity over the long term. Working with artists means a solid and lasting commitment.


For this first edition of ceramic brussels, the gallery will present a solo show by Odonchimeg Davaadorj

BeCraft is a professional association promoting Applied Arts in the Wallonia and Brussels regions. Ceramics, glass, jewellery, paper, textile, object design are, among others, the creative fields of the makers who are supported and promoted by it. BeCraft works in relationship with the WCC Europe, within the global structure of the World Crafts Council. Four main topics motivate BeCraft’s actions: support and promotion, in Belgium and abroad, of its member artists; information and training for the public and craft professionals through exhibitions, conferences, workshops and guided tours.

The BeCraft Gallery is a showcase for the most recent creations of the member artists, always more innovative and daring. The rigour with which the works are selected and presented does not hinder the conviviality of the place, conducive to a tasting of tea in handmade bowls.

Special attention is paid to the makers of tomorrow. With this in mind, the association organises annually the exhibition Tremplin, a competition for newly graduated students from the art schools of Wallonia and Brussels. The exhibition of their graduation works reveals a new landscape of Belgian creation in full exploration, while giving them a professional boost thanks to the Prizes awarded on this occasion.

Numerous international exhibitions, organised in collaboration with other institutions, take place on its premises and are exported abroad afterwards. By offering the public and the artists the opportunity to contemplate the works of makers from all countries, BeCraft contributes to fostering dialogue, stimulation and the emulation of the Applied Arts.

Its participation in international exhibitions and fairs also confirms this goal by promoting artistic exchanges between Belgian and foreign creation while allowing its member artists to enjoy recognition across Europe.


For this first edition of ceramic brussels, the gallery will present a duo show by Caroline Andrin and Léna Babinet

Berman Contemporary is rooted in the growing understanding of the cultural richness and diversity of South African contemporary art. The gallery’s collection centres on a vibrant group of artists living and working in South Africa.

Through studio visits, the gallery establishes connections to artists from all walks of life whose unique artistic processes celebrate their historical and cultural heritage and give voice to their complex societal realities, evoking an active and interpretative experience for the viewer.

Berman Contemporary was established to promote the work created by these local artists. The gallery further aims to establish a synergistic network between South African artists and their global contemporaries, many of whom evidently want to engage with the current South African art scene – not only as observers, but as active analysts, experimenters and contributors within this context and with this specific audience in mind.


For this first edition of ceramic brussels, the gallery will present works by Amogelang Maepa, Natalie de Morney and Mellaney Roberts.

Born out of a passion for handwork and savoir-faire CONSTELLATIONS GALLERY by Sophie Ferrand-Hazard is an Artisan Design Gallery conceived to celebrate the intersections of art craft and design.

Constellation Gallery is bridging cultures, preserving traditions, and promoting artists and masters of craft, taking the visitor on a thrilling journey through the five senses. 

Our Collections of truly storied pieces echo heritage and touch every collector on a deep emotional level. 

- ART COLLECTION: unique pieces created by established and emerging artists and master artisans 

- ATELIER COLLECTIVE : our collaborations with collective craft studios in Southern Africa 

The essence of each piece lies in the combination between distinctive design, characterised by linear shapes, colours and rich textures, and ancient handcrafting techniques, emanating different vibes and enticing all five senses.

For this first edition of ceramic brussels, the gallery will present works by Ian Garrett, Silver Sentimenti, Guy van Leemput, Nicole Prues, Jabu Nala and Jack Fillery.

Inaugurated in 2017 in the heart of Marseille's antiques district, Double V Gallery aims to be a singular exhibition space where diverse art forms, generations and notoriety rub shoulders. 

The gallery and its director Nicolas Veidig-Favarel support emerging and established artists on the French and international scene, who express themselves through a wide range of media.

Driven by a search for harmony between the artist's conceptual or poetic approach and the final work that will become a significant element in the collector's life, the gallery makes a long-term commitment to its artists. Its long-standing collaborations with Alice Guittard, Manoela Medeiros and Maximilien Pellet, among others, bear witness to this commitment.


For this first edition of ceramic brussels, the gallery will present a solo show by Maximilien Pellet

Since 2016, FRACAS Gallery, located in the center of Brussels and co-founded and directed by ceramic artist Romain les Bains, specializes in conceptual design and contemporary crafts. The gallery showcases authentic pieces, furniture, and objects created by over 20 international artists such as Anton Reijnders, Coline Rosoux, or Nitsa Meletopoulos. To promote its artists, FRACAS has developed two editorial lines: a semi-permanent collection available for online purchase and temporary curated exhibitions held in various locations in Brussels, predominantly, but also in different places across Europe.

In doing so, the gallery aims to foster an open dialogue on all aspects related to contemporary craft, design, and art. FRACAS also seeks to break down compartmentalization in practices: "let's stop separating the artist from the artisan!"

For the first edition of the Ceramic Brussels fair, FRACAS will present 12 highly talented emerging and established artists, focusing on scales ranging from the smallest to the largest works. To delve deeper into this versatile material, the stand will also include other clay applications such as wall plaster, adobe and rammed earth, thanks to the collaboration of brilliant local partners: Cru Atelier and Argilières Hins .


For this first edition of ceramic brussels, the gallery will present works by Angus McCrum, Anton Reijnders, Arnaud Vérin, Christopher Kelsall, Claire Lézier, Coline Rosoux, Marianne Abergel, Nitsa Meletopoulos, Romain les Bains, Sarah Pschorn, Victor Alarçon and Vincent Doreau

Bernard Jordan is a man on the move; a studio surveyor, instinctive and eclectic, he has three galleries in Paris, Berlin and Zurich. This horizon reflects his desire to open up his vision and extend his field of action. It's an ambition he pursues with simplicity, building bridges and tirelessly promoting the artists he champions.

Founded in 1984 in Paris, the gallery has remained faithful to the impetus given by its first exhibition, dedicated to the graphic work of Robert Motherwell, cultivating a rich and rigorous relationship with works and artists. Over the decades, the gallery's identity has refined its loyalties, while maintaining the guiding principle of never holding back.


For this first edition of ceramic brussels, the gallery will present a solo show by Elmar Trenkwalder

Located in mysterious Sologne, the Galerie Capazza - a historical XVIIth century heritage attached to Nançay castel - was created in 1975 by Sophie and Gérard Capazza.

This place is conceived as a haven of peace, where you can discover the artworks of 90 renowned contemporary artists surrounded by nature.

Ceramics, engraving, silversmithing, painting, photography, sculpture, glass; the gallery permanently houses hundreds of carefully selected artworks.

For a few years now, the gallery has been taken over by Laura and Denis Capazza-Durand who, with their team, have the heart to share their passion with you.


For this first edition of ceramic brussels, the gallery will present a solo show by Bernard Dejonghe

​​The Christine Colon gallery's programme focuses mainly on painting and sculpture.

The gallery, founded in 2006, has two members in its team: Christine Colon and her son, Pierre Hubeaux-Colon. In addition to its original artists, the gallery is seeking to expand into new types of work tinged with critical reflexivity. These new artists question both the status of the art object, and how it is received by the public, and the impact of creation on the entity responsible for artistic expression.


For this first edition of ceramic brussels, the gallery will present a solo show by Daphné CORREGAN

In 1991, Pierre Passebon opened the Galerie du Passage in the Vero-Dodat gallery. His success and his style quickly made him known, allowing people to rediscover Jouve’s ceramics, Royère’s furniture, Noll’s sculptures or Gio Ponti’s furniture and earthenware.

For several years now, Pierre Passebon has been collecting 20th Century design pieces in his gallery and regularly exhibits at the Paris Biennial or the PAD in London.

“What I like about Pierre is the lightness and freshness of his taste and choices,” says Karl Lagerfeld. “He knows how to create the atmosphere of an elegant and bohemian past. The way he mixes things is never classic - it’s always done in the spirit of the present.”


For this first edition of ceramic brussels, the gallery will present works by Giuseppe Ducrot, Agathe Brahami-Ferron, Clémentine De Chabaneix, Alexandre Mussard, Elisabeth Lincot, Yoann Estevenin, Frédérique Fleury, Apollinaria Broche, Marie Hugo and Marina le Gall 

Founded in 2002, Galerie DYS is a contemporary art gallery located in Ixelles, Brussels, Belgium.

From its very inception, they have promoted contemporary figurative art, with an affinity for works on paper. Although discovering and supporting international emerging talents is their main goal, they are also in close collaborations with more established artists.

Justine Jacquemin took over the direction of the gallery in 2018, with a care to maintain its artistic identity built throughout the years: the showcase of a non-academic figuration, expressive, haunted and oneiric.


For this first edition of ceramic brussels, the gallery will present a solo show by Etienne Pottier

Fontana reflects on the state of contemporary art today, seeking to demonstrate how the world appears – despite its, sometimes, sharp edges and dystopian character.

The gallery embraces all art media. The main themes informing Fontana's program are humanity, vulnerability, and mortality.

Fontana's current permanent gallery space is a former chocolate factory of 300 sqm covering two floors on the Lauriergracht, having also shared spaces in Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels and Paris.

Their long-term ambition is to bring together captivating and engaging individuals through art-related projects around the world, merging various networks in the exuberant way that typifies our gallery. Craftsmanship as formed by both the art and the artist is appealing to them in its language of material, provenance, and making.


For this first edition of ceramic brussels, the gallery will present works by Carolein Smit, Vivian van Blerk, Feipel & Bechameil and Susanne Ring

With a strong emphasis on emerging artists, Galerie Grès likes to surprise with new programming and alternative identities.

It likes the decompartmentalisation and experimentation that the crossing of disciplines allows. It likes the idea of a medium whose specific technicality does not exclude artists from their careers. It gives pride of place to exchanges and reflections, ad-hoc projects, residencies, plural and singular expressions... with the special support of a gallery owner who knows the material, its plasticity and its firings through her own practice.

Attached to form, she considers the material to be at the service of form. The sculptor is a painter.


For this first edition of ceramic brussels, the gallery will present works by Ule Ewelt, Hélène Loussier, Brigitte Méniger and Christine Coste

In October 2001 Jacques Cerami opened a contemporary art gallery. Located in Couillet, the gallery organises five exhibitions a year from September to July, with monographic, collective or thematic projects. 

The aim is to present art in all its diversity, with a mix of different artistic disciplines (painting, drawing, collage, sculpture, photography, installation, video). The exhibition features artists who are close to the concerns of their time, and whose research questions our society. 

Considering openness to the outside world to be essential, it has set itself the goal of promoting young talent both nationally and internationally by helping them to find exhibition projects in galleries, art centres and museums. And in particular by taking part in Contemporary Art Fairs.   

The concern for the link between art and society is one of the constant themes in the work of the Galerie Jacques Cerami.


For this first edition of ceramic brussels, the gallery will present a solo show by Manuel Sanchez - Algora

At the heart of "galerie La La Lande" lies the evocative power of dreams and utopia. Established in 2018, the gallery is not just a space but an embodiment of aspirations, beginnings, and creative eruptions. Its very name echoes a lineage of dreamers, of artists who challenge the ordinary and flirt with the ethereal.

La La Lande is particularly notable for its dedication to emergent artists hailing from the MENA region and Asia. By providing a platform for these talents, the gallery bridges cultures, narratives, and perspectives. The art forms are diverse – from paintings and sculptures to intricate tapestries and thought-provoking video installations.

Regularly marking its presence at global art fairs, galerie La La Lande is not just about showcasing art but creating dialogues, challenging perceptions, and fostering growth. It's where dreams are not just envisioned but realised, and where every artwork is a testament to the gallery's commitment to innovation, diversity, and depth.


For this first edition of ceramic brussels, the gallery will present works by Meriem Bouderbala, Gabrielle Wambaugh and Mesut Öztürk

143 years of existence, 143 years of expertise, deep knowledge of objects, good taste and eye, exchanges with museum curators and unfailing links forged with private collectors. Immobilism not being appropriate, the members of the Lefebvre family have been able to discover and offer ever more specialised objects and works to an international clientele, and this since 1880.

It is therefore quite natural that the Galerie Lefebvre & Fils began in 2009 to take a fresh look at ceramics, and in particular contemporary ceramics, with the desire to show that this medium has a real permanence and that it renews itself. non-stop.

Since 2009, Galerie Lefebvre & Fils - thanks to its director, Louis Lefebvre, an informed collector of contemporary art and design - has presented the works of great contemporary artists such as Ettore Sottsass, Ron Nagle and more recently Roger Herman and José Sierra, but it also endeavours to promote the young artistic scene with exhibitions by Nick Weddell, Miguel Ortega Delgado and Emily Yong Beck, which offered them each their first solo-show in Europe. The gallery is resolutely committed today to contemporary creation alongside international contemporary artists.

From the practical and everyday objects of previous centuries, we are now faced with works of art in the first sense of the term. If the gesture persists, the artistic significance is quite different. The idea of ​​container or domestic object disappears in favour of a dialogue between the artist who models it with his hands and the artistic intention he gives.

Drawing on his knowledge and mastery of ceramics, Louis Lefebvre has made his exhibition space a must for lovers and collectors of contemporary ceramics. Galerie Lefebvre & Fils is located at 24 rue du Bac, in the heart of the Paris of curators and art and design collectors.


For this first edition of ceramic brussels, the gallery will present a solo show by Laurent Dufour

Since 1999, the GALERIE MARIA LUND (Paris, le Marais) has been supporting forms of contemporary art that combine conceptual depth and visual relevance. This positioning involves the promotion of powerful works that suggest a meaning rather than imposing one, raising existential questions in a contemporary way.

The work of the 23 represented artists encompasses a great diversity of media: installations, sculptures, paintings, drawings, photography, performance, videos, textiles and poetry. In addition to organising exhibitions in its gallery space and taking part in various French and international fairs (KIAF Seoul, Drawing Now, Asia Now, Art Paris, Enter Art Fair (Copenhagen), Luxembourg Art Week), the gallery also works to promote its artists visibility outside its walls, by means of relationships with institutions and private establishments, playing an advisory role for commissioned works, publishing books and hosting events from other artistic fields (theatre, music, literature).


For this first edition of ceramic brussels, the gallery will present works by Pernille Pontoppidan Pedersen, Bente Skjøttgaard and Fee Kleiss

Since 2001, Galerie Michel Giraud has been located on the Left Bank in Paris, in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Près, one of the most renowned neighbourhoods for Art Deco. It has thus found its place among the most prestigious galleries showcasing this period. Michel Giraud wanted to make his gallery a favourite spot for collectors: he recreated the atmosphere of a 1930s collector's home, sharing his discoveries and passions on a daily basis or on the occasion of an exhibition.

Ceramics occupy a special place in the gallery's artistic programme, highlighting the modern period with artists such as Émile Decœur, for whom we produced his landmark monograph in 2008, and Jean Besnard, whose work we have been particularly active in promoting over the last 20 years. The gallery also pays special attention to ceramics from the second half of the 20th century, with major artists such as Pierre Bayle, as well as painter-sculptors who have worked in this art form, such as Antonio Recalcati and Claude Goutin.


For this first edition of ceramic brussels, the gallery will present works by Jules Agard, Pierre Bayle, Jean Besnard, Émile Decœur, Claude Goutin, Delphine Grenier and Antonio Recalcati.

For more than 30 years, Galerie Papillon, located in Paris, near the Centre Pompidou in Le Marais area, is esteemed for its cutting-edge program that brings together French and foreign artists - both emerging, established and mid-career - sharing a common sense of poetry and irony.

The gallery offers them a vast playground in its 250 m2 main space sur cour, while its second space on the first floor is dedicated to spotlight presentations or more exclusive invitations.

Founded in 1989 by Claudine Papillon, the gallery benefits from historic work with artists who later became iconic such as Sigmar Polke, Dieter Roth, Michael Craig-Martin, Hreinn Fridfinnsson and Erik Dietman. Managed by Marion Papillon since 2007, the gallery remains committed to supporting the French art scene but also relies on foreign artists.


For this first edition of ceramic brussels, the gallery will present works by Hreinn Fridfinnsson, Mehdi-Georges Lahlou, JC Ruggirello and Elsa Sahal.

Founded in 2011 in the Marais in Paris, Galerie Sator promotes the work of emerging and developing international artists.

The gallery is characterised by its strong emphasis on visual art that references other forms of art and a range of fields of thought – politics, history, history of art, literature, philosophy and science – which seek to question the place of the human in the world and offer tools for critical reflection on contemporary societies, their evolution and their transformation, and their territorial relationships.

An ongoing investigation of the image and the production of plastic forms complete the gallery’s approach. Resolutely international, the gallery promotes the work of artists from both France and throughout the world (including Russian-American, Swiss, Togolese, Iranian, and Greek artists), with a particular speciality in artists on the Asian contemporary scene from China, Korea and Vietnam.


For this first edition of ceramic brussels, the gallery will present a solo show by Christian Gonzenbach

Transit shows and promotes international contemporary art and organises new exhibitions every two months.


"What did ceramic mean in the 35 years of gallery Transit [1988-2023]?"

For this first edition of ceramic brussels, the gallery will present works by Johan Creten, Thomas Huber, Kocheisen & Hullmann, Nikita Kadan, Mehdi-Georges Lahlou, Michael Sailstorfer, Christophe Terlinden, Herman Van Ingelgem, Bram Van Meervelde and Jenny Watson.

The Galerie Vallois Modern and Contemporary Art was created by Robert Vallois in 1983.

Today spread over two spaces in the heart of Saint-Germain des Prés, at 35 and 41 rue de Seine, it adjoins the Art Déco gallery founded in 1971 by Robert and Cheska Vallois.

Initially dedicated to modern and contemporary sculpture, the gallery gradually opened up to other mediums and today represents painters, photographers, and sculptors from diverse geographical backgrounds.

Ceramics occupy a special place in the gallery's programming. They thus represent a certain number of ceramists or artists practicing ceramics: Philippe Brodzki (Belgium), Yuri Kuper (Russia) Paloma Chang (Taiwan), Mark Brusse (Netherlands), Tania Antoshina (Russia), King Houndekpinkou ( France/Benin)…

Since 2012, the Vallois gallery has focused particularly on promoting the young generation of African visual artists, mainly from Benin.


For this first edition of ceramic brussels, the gallery will present works by King Houndekpinkou and Tania Antoshina

Gallery Sofie Van den Bussche is an art gallery for Belgian (and international) contemporary art in Brussels that is dedicated to promoting both emerging and renowned artists who are close to Sofie’s heart.

She is very careful to ensure that every exhibition is different and shows a different perspective on contemporary art. Her starting point is always to let the artist and his or her work shine, each with his or her own story. Curating the exhibition is her passion and force of the gallery. This can be done through solo, duo and group exhibitions, from abstract to figurative, from painting to sculpture. She also strongly believes that a confrontation/dialogue between the older and younger generation creates a fascinating dynamic. She is aiming for at least six or seven exhibitions a year. Gallery Sofie Van den Bussche wants to offer a fascinating platform where artists, art lovers, art collectors and curious visitors can meet.


For this first edition of ceramic brussels, the gallery will present a solo show by Yves Malfliet

Grège Gallery is a gallery with a raw and authentic spirit. Driven by a perpetual quest for beauty, textures, imperfections and character, it was founded in September 2021 by Marie de Brouwer, a young Belgian interior designer.

Marie, an eternal lover of beauty, draws inspiration from the interplay of textures, singular details and shapes to create her gallery. There's no denying that her background sets her apart from traditional galleries, and drives her to find exceptional places to showcase her work. The dialogue between architecture, art and furniture is essential to her.

La Grège Gallery is dedicated to promoting artists who share her passion for raw, authentic beauty. It strives to create a unique environment where works of art interact with their surrounding space, creating an immersive experience for visitors.


For this first edition of ceramic brussels, the gallery will present a solo show by Laura Pasquino

Situated a stone's throw from the Grand Sablon, in a 1888-built neo-Flemish house, the facade is recognisable by its turret and sculpted balcony. This former lawyer's office with its imposing chimneys houses Jonathan F. Kugel's Cabinet de Curiosités Contemporain, which mixes periods and styles through a programme of themed exhibitions.

The artists represented combine a sense of craftsmanship and virtuosity in the traditional sense with original and innovative visions. Alongside them are shown: works from all periods, with a taste for European 17th to 19th century paintings and works of art, chosen for their authenticity, aesthetic quality and/or strangeness. From there, a conversation begins.


For this first edition of ceramic brussels, the gallery will present works by Carolein Smit, James Webster and Vivian van Blerk

køppe contemporary objects is a gallery & presentation platform for sculptural objects at the intersection of art and craft.

Køppe Contemporary Objects was founded by architect Bettina Køppe, who has extensive experience as curator in the field of contemporary objects.

Køppe cooperates closely with a group of artists who share an interest in the inherent possibilities of materials and the historical qualities associated with traditional crafts and techniques. The artists share a passion for exploring the meaning of objects in relation to function and iconography. Another common feature of their work is their focus on combining tradition with interpretation and experimentation to create works that hold contemporary relevance.

Køppe Contemporary Objects is located in a beautiful house at Rønne Harbor. The gallery shows 5 exhibitions a year and a selection of works from the gallery's artists is always on display.

For this first edition of ceramic brussels, the gallery will present works by four Danish artists: Bodil Manz, Malene Müllertz, Lone Skov Madsen and Michael Geertsen.

Each artist will be represented with a group of recent works that are characteristic of their approach.

La peau de l’ours is an uptown contemporary art gallery founded in 2017 by Thomas Ghaye.

After just over 6 years, the gallery moved to a new space in Rivoli, doubling its surface area. Since its creation, the gallery has dedicated a significant part of its program to contemporary ceramics.

With eight ceramics exhibitions in the last two years only, the gallery supports the development and the production of its six represented ceramists. After 3 months of renovation work, the gallery reopened its doors last March, and is now pursuing its development by strengthening its presence and that of its artists on the international scene, notably through participation in several European art fairs, as well as its active exhibition program.


For this first edition of ceramic brussels, the gallery will present works by Safia Hijos, Studio BISKT, Victor Levai, Théo Ouaki and Rémy Pommeret

As a meeting point between Asia and Europe, Lee-Bauwens has been introducing and connecting the two cultures in the art scene by representing influential artists from both worlds. Prominent Korean artists such as Chun Kwang-Young, Nam Tchun-Mo, Kim Hyun-Sik, Moon-Pil Shim and Meekyoung Shin were introduced to the Belgian public for the first time, and talented emerging artists such as Jiana Kim, Sunghong Min and Jukhee Kwon were discovered and nurtured in their growth. Likewise, the works of Aurelie Nemours, Ode Bertrand, Maurice Frydman, Paola Pezzi, Javier León Pérez, Esther Stocker and Lucas Leffler were introduced in Korea through various exhibition programs.

Having worked as a curator at the Asia Museum in Korea, Minyoung Lee works closely with art institutions and museums. In 2022, Minyoung Lee coordinate with the curators Yongwoo Lee, Manuela Luca-Dazio and Boghossian Fondation for, Times Reimagined, Solo Show of Chun Kwang Young as a Collateral Event of 59th Venice Biennale.

In an ongoing effort to bring the two worlds closer, in 2019, Min Young Lee-Bauwens collaborated at the seminal exhibition Brussels in SongEun: Imagining Cities Beyond Technology 2.0 to commemorate the official visit of the King of Belgium to Korea. And the gallery also partnered in holding René Magritte, The Revealing Image, Photos & Films exhibition at two different Korean museums (Ground & Wooyang).

Lee-Bauwens Gallery hopes to always be an open and intimate space where artists, collectors, and institutions may communicate freely sharing what touches them most deeply today in contemporary art, reflecting on what has happened, and experimenting on what’s to come.


For this first edition of ceramic brussels, the gallery will present works by Meekyoung Shin, Jiana Kim, SungHong Min and Nathalie Campion

Established in 1992, Michel Rein represents artists from different generations, French and international, established and emerging on a long term basis. The gallery organises exhibitions in two independent spaces. Michel Rein started a second space in Brussels in 2013.


For this first edition of ceramic brussels, the gallery will present works by Anne-Marie Schneider and Michele Ciacciofera

Migrant Bird Space is an active gallery with locations in Berlin and Beijing, dedicated to promoting emerging young contemporary Asian artists on a global scale.

Migrant Bird Space provides services for artist exhibitions, art fairs, and art representations in both China and Europe. The gallery spaces are strategically situated in the heart of Berlin and Beijing, serving as professional platforms that facilitate cross-cultural exchanges between China and Europe, with a specific focus on promoting contemporary Chinese artists.

They are committed to showcasing the works of established artists as well as emerging talents, offering gallery spaces for exhibitions in Berlin, Beijing, Shanghai, and other locations. Additionally, their programs include an artist-in-residence initiative, regular lectures and talks, and support in establishing connections with museums, universities, private institutions, and more.

At Migrant Bird Space, the passion lies in using the language of art to bridge the gap between diverse cultures.


For this first edition of ceramic brussels, the gallery will present works by Xue Geng, Zhuo Qi, Haoyu Wu, Hua/Wang and Dongxu/Liu

Founded in 2011, Modern Shapes Gallery is specialised in unique contemporary and modern sculptural art with an emphasis on ceramics. It is as much a gallery as it is a curated platform. It presents several exhibitions a year, dedicated to both rising and established talent. And it presents a very personal and balanced selection of objects, often balancing on the dividing line between design, art and architecture.

Founder Michaël Francken’s personal taste and quirky passion results in a program that combines both high quality 20th century masters and more contemporary artists working on the balance between abstract, sculptural and architectural work. All bearing witness to craftsmanship and sculptural presence. As a result, Modern Shapes is a progressive and supportive space for emerging and established artists and their objects.


For this first edition of ceramic brussels, the gallery will present works by Enric Mestre, Grégoire Scalabre, and Marionnaud

Founded in 2011 in Metz (Fr), Modulab develops distribution tools: exhibitions, publications, art editions and is committed to emerging and more established artists whom it supports. In this collective project, Modulab strengthens and brings together the skills, operating methods and tools needed to make the work of the gallery's artists visible.

Modulab is consolidating its presence not only in the Grand Est region but also nationally and across borders (Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany).

As well as programming exhibitions on its premises, the gallery contributes to the development of off-site projects: in institutional contemporary art venues, but also in interstitial and offbeat spaces.

Modulab also publishes and distributes artists' multiples in the field of art prints, and promotes this work in public collections.


For this first edition of ceramic brussels, the gallery will present a solo show by Pierrick Naud

Thanks to the success of their two galleries in Paris, art collectors since always, Roger Nilsson and Alain Chiglien have developed a unique expertise over the years. Today they are highly respected for what rapidly came to be their speciality : ceramic sculptures as fine art, inscribed in a dynamic, both technical and formal innovation.

Their commitment to promote ceramic as a material has also been supported by many international museums and institutions, in which most of gallery NeC artists are represented. Nobody can doubt that the public is particularly receptive to the modernity that these artists have made in a few decades by their exceptional creativity, in the world of fine arts.

Other medias like photographies, painting, vidéos, and kinetic art are also represented by the gallery.


For this first edition of ceramic brussels, the gallery will present a solo show by Kim Simonsson

Nendo Galerie is dedicated to modern and contemporary ceramics, with the aim of establishing permanent links between the utilitarian and the fine arts.

In order to foster conversations and exchanges between different approaches to ceramics, the exhibition program will alternate between sculptors who have made ceramics a medium of expression and ceramists working on domestic forms.

A rotating selection of sculptures and objects will also be on permanent display at the gallery. The ambition of the program and the gallery’s research is international.


For this first edition of ceramic brussels, the gallery will present works by Enzo Bosse, Anne Verdier, Yasuhisa Kohyama, Daniel Pontoreau, Dan Kim and Christiane Filliatreau

NQ Gallery is an Antwerp-based contemporary art gallery, representing both established and emerging artists.

The gallery is founded by Niqui van Olphen in 2021. Niqui has over 20 years of experience in the museum world, both in the Netherlands and in Belgium. Aside from providing the gallery with an extensive network, we also cultivate an understanding of how to collaborate with artists and support them. NQ Gallery presents solo and group exhibitions.

From its start NQ gallery presented 5-6 exhibitions each year. Well-known artists but young emerging artists too. The combination of the two gives a nice atmosphere in the gallery and a safe base for everyone to work from.

It is the wish of the gallery to participate at fairs on the highest level to give their artists an extra platform.


For this first edition of ceramic brussels, the gallery will present works by Natasja Alers, Nick Ervinck and Johannes Nagel

Founded in 2008, It is in a spirit that is radical, impactful, transcultural and vibrant that the School Gallery has been defending established artists and young talents from all backgrounds for more than 15 years.

This gallery aims to be a place for the discovery and promotion of contemporary art in all its forms, from installations to video, including sculpture and ceramics, painting, drawing, photography, design and creative creations. architects.

Olivier Castaing’s unique approach offers a new approach to the works. After a tour of the gallery, Olivier invites collectors and visitors to enter his amateur office located as an extension of the gallery in a 17th century building,a full-fledged installation. In his “den” as he often calls it, we discover the multiplicity of what he loves, his particular interest for ceramics and the productions of his favorite artists. in 2019, olivier Castaing was the guest curator of the “ceramiques gourmandes” exhibition at the Bernardaud foundation alongside its director Hélène Huret.


For this first edition of ceramic brussels, the gallery will present works by Louis Bachelot & Marjolaine Caron, and Muriel Persil

Located in the heart of the Sablon, the antiques district of Brussels, the gallery spans three floors in a contemporary atmosphere designed by the talented Belgian designer Charles Kaisin.

Passionate collectors, Patrick and Ondine Mestdagh present an extraordinary selection of objects from outside Europe.


For this first edition of ceramic brussels, the gallery will present works by Masanao Kaneta, Satoshi Kino, Kurokawa Toru, Ryūichi Kakurezaki, Wada Morihiro, Yui Tsujimura and Shozo Michikawa

PEACH CORNER is a dynamic forum for artistic materializations in clay and a platform for the full range of the ceramic field across crafts, design and visual arts. 

We stand out by focusing on the ceramic material itself and showcase artists who explore the boundaries of its possibilities in a contemporary context.  

PEACH CORNER is an exhibition venue for Danish and international ceramics. With varying curated exhibitions and a Wunderkammer – a Cabinet of Curiosities – showing specially selected pieces, PEACH CORNER presents a wide range of approaches to clay and a diversity of ceramic expressions, manifested in functional objects as well as sculptural pieces. 

PEACH CORNER is an artist-run exhibition space initiated by a group of ten ceramicists: Karen Kitani Harsbo, Hilda Piazzolla, Kristine Tillge Lund, Ann Linnemann, Jeppe Søndergaard, Mikael Jackson, Gitte Jungersen, Ole Jensen, Petra Dalström and Bente Skjøttgaard.


For this first edition of ceramic brussels, the gallery will present works by Jeppe Søndergaard, Petra Dalström, Esben Kaldahl, Annelie Grimwade Olofsson and Hilda Piazzolla

Established since 2000 in Brussels, Puls Ceramics gallery is solely dedicated to showing contemporary ceramic art. With an international clientele, Puls offers the best contemporary ceramic art available to the discerning collector, museums, and first time buyers.

The gallery was founded by Annette Sloth, herself ceramic artist - graduated from the world-renowned Danish Design School. She frequently serves as a judge, curator and docent at international ceramic events. Puls presents several exhibitions a year, showing work of internationally acclaimed artists, alongside that of emerging talents putting their stamp on the next generation of ceramic art.


For this first edition of ceramic brussels, the gallery will present an installation by Sharon van Overmeiren, and works by Barbara Leclerq, Roger Coll, Kazuma Koike, Anders Borgesen and Wouter Hoste

Guido Romero Pierini and Tristan Paprocki join forces in 2020 to found the Romero Paprocki Gallery, representing contemporary rising and mid-career french and international artists. For the gallery, settings support any given discourse that highlights the artist’s work as well as his thoughts, the revelation of a shape, its dialogue, its structure of meaning and its articulation.

The gallery has to be a unique spacetime, equally favourable to reflection and contemplation, to exchange as much as to introspection.


For this first edition of ceramic brussels, the gallery will present a solo show by Leo Luccioni

Sorry We're Closed is a contemporary art gallery created by Sébastien Janssen in 2008.

The focus of the gallery is upon mid-career and emerging artists from Belgium and abroad.

Since 2021, the gallery is located in a four hundred metre square XIX century mansion, in the heart of the historic Sablons district. The gallery maintains a diverse exhibition program with solo exhibitions of the gallery artists as well as group exhibitions and special projects as editing artists jewels or showing vernacular photography.

@sorry sorry_were_closed

For this first edition of ceramic brussels, the gallery will present works by Perrine Boudy, Roger Herman and Natsuko Uchino

SPAX Projects was established with the objective to collaborate with young, emerging and more established artists working across different mediums and disciplines. Driven by an in-depth awareness of current artistic practices and a search for an original and unique aesthetics, SPAX projects is aimed at a broad and cosmopolitan audience having an interest in contemporary art.

Founded in 2022 by Xavier Gandon, contemporary art enthusiast for more than ten years, SPAX Projects provides artists with worldwide opportunities through specific art projects, collaboration with art galleries and participation to art fairs. While favouring long term collaboration with its stakeholders, SPAX Projects works on a project mode and has no permanent exhibition space.

So far, SPAX Projects has organized several successful projects aimed at introducing and developing the work of young female artists and advising them at the early stage of their professional career. It has collaborated with several galleries in Europe as well as in the US. Last, it has co-curated group shows in London and Brussels, working with several international artists and featuring ceramics, paintings and drawings.


For this first edition of ceramic brussels, the gallery will present works by Soojin Choii, Stan Edmondson, Feipel & Bechameil, Alejandro Garcia Contreras, Gregory Georgescu, Sydnie Jimenez, Krzysztof Strzelecki, Taylor Lee, Natsuki Shibata and Teruri Yamawaki

By opening Spazio Nobile in April 2016, in the dynamic and cosmopolitan Ixelles neighborhood of Brussels (Belgium), Lise Coirier and Gian Giuseppe Simeone have united their passions for design and art history, initiating a dialogue between contemporary applied arts, design and photography. Commissioning unique pieces, limited editions and installations that are both experimental and artistic, with a particular sensibility to everything nature and minerality, the gallery organises four to five exhibits each year, dedicated to both rising and established talents, without creating borders between the disciplines, the visual arts dialoguing with the fine arts.


For this first edition of ceramic brussels, the gallery will present works by Ann Beate Tempelhaug, Bela Silva, Kiki van Eijk, Piet Stockmans, Päivi Rintaniemi, Marie Corbin for Ker-Xavier (in collaboration with CRAFT Limoges), Foyer Brisé (in collaboration with EKWC) and Lisa Hellrup.

Szydlowski Gallery was founded in 1996 by dr. phil. Stefan Szydlowski.

For two decades, the programme featured a selection of major polish late avant-garde artists such as Wojciech Fangor, Jolanta Owidzka and Erna Rosenstein. In 2017, Konstanty Szydlowski was appointed gallery director, and started to include a new generation of artists in the programme, while engaging international collaborations, in particular with artists based in Switzerland, Germany and Italy. In 2022, the gallery opened its second office in Geneva (CH).

The Gallery organises up to 5 exhibitions a year in its 100 sqm rooms in the centre of Warsaw and acts as an active publisher of monographic books of its artists. The gallery’s programme combines Polish post war classics with contemporary artists from Poland and abroad, while mainly focusing on painting, works on paper, ceramic and textile.


For this first edition of ceramic brussels, the gallery will present a solo show by Felix Stöckle

Tatjana Pieters is a contemporary art gallery located in a unique 400 m2 building in the Bloemekenswijk district of Ghent. The gallery is committed to accessible contemporary art with an eye for experimentation, imagination and social awareness. The gallery hosts large-scale, museum-style exhibitions of young, emerging artists and also focuses on repositioning mid-career artists or established values.

The gallery's founder Tatjana Pieters is trained as a conservator-restorer of sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp and an art historian at Ghent University.

Artists such as Kasper Bosmans, Rein Dufait, Lisa Vlaemminck, Helmut Stallaerts and international artists such as Kris Lemsalu, Pamela Rosenkranz, Heather Phillipson and Amalia Ulman were discovered and/or represented by her. With the (re-)presentation of Walter Swennen, Luc Deleu, Philippe Van Snick & Hans Vandekerckhove, Pieters has also proven to promote the careers of respected older Belgian artists within a broader international context.


For this first edition of ceramic brussels, the gallery will present works by Anne Marie Laureys and Kevin McNamee-Tweed

THE SECOND ACT is a young contemporary gallery with roots in the North of England born out of a frustration in the lack of opportunities for Northern and working class artists, and for artists living outside major cities. 

They are addressing the disparity in the representation of artists, by supporting marginalised artists and challenging the status quo that has become the accepted standard in artist-gallery relationships, through a value-led approach.

They choose to work with artists who make contemporary art with challenging concepts, narratives and research; creating a roster of individuals who they believe, should all have the opportunity to write their own Second Act.


For this first edition of ceramic brussels, the gallery will present works by Jamie Holman and James Bloomfield

Operating through a circuit of ephemeral locations all over the world, the Spaceless Gallery looks beyond the walls of a traditional white cube space to provide an ever-changing experience for both their artists, collectors and designers. The gallery's nomadic nature ties in with decentralised art programs that aim to establish fresh dialogues between the exhibition venue, the works, and the viewer integrating all art forms, including music and performance art.

From art curation, to sourcing for private collectors and interior designers, the Spaceless Gallery showcases eclectic contemporary artists across all mediums in unique locations around the world. They welcome all cross-industry collaborations as the gallery continues to push boundaries in art and collecting.


For this first edition of ceramic brussels, the gallery will present works by Olga Sabko, Ruan Hoffmann, Olivia Walker and Lucian Moriyama

Valerius Gallery highlights artistic practices by international and national emerging and mid-career artists. They are committed to promoting new talents and investing long-term in their careers, acting as a mentor and coach but also an equal partner in a durable relationship. They aim to adopt an open approach to exhibition making that is led by deep passion allowing for an interesting dialogue between the works, them and the public.

Each exhibition is carefully curated and can include all artistic disciplines, such as sculptures, paintings, installations, photography and digital art. 

Valerius gallery was founded in 2017 by owner and long-time collector Gerard Valerius. Next to their focus in emerging international and national artists they also offer exhibitions by established names in contemporary art. 


For this first edition of ceramic brussels, the gallery will present a solo show by Anni Mertens

Zwart Huis was founded in 2001. In the early years the gallery was housed in Villa De Beir, a modernist doctor's house from 1924 in Knokke. From the very beginning, the gallery has focused on Belgian contemporary art, with an affinity for figurative drawing and painting, but also featuring conceptual art, sculpture, ceramics, photography and design.

Since 2015 the gallery is run by Elke Helbig, who relocated the gallery from Knokke to Brussels in 2017. Galerie Zwart Huis represents and collaborates with emerging talents as well as more established Belgian artists: Jan De Vliegher, Johan Tahon, Jan Vanriet, Christophe Coppens, Stefan Peters, Fik van Gestel, Robin Vermeersch and Colin Waeghe amongst others.


For this first edition of ceramic brussels, the gallery will present a solo show by Robin Vermeersch